Full-stack Developer and Web-Designer

As a full-stack web developer and designer, I can create engaging websites from start to finish. With design skills and programming expertise, I can deliver quality work that meets any client's needs.


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As an accomplished web developer and designer, I have curated my skills in front-end and back-end development with two years of experience in the field. My journey of self-learning and continuous practice has equipped me with a profound understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript; along with programming languages like Python, Node.js, and C#.

My Process

How the process of hiring me typically goes.


First of all, we will discuss the project that you'll be hiring me to create.


A 50% down-payment is just to ensure you aren't wasting my time.


I create the project and ensure that you're happy with it.


You send the last 50% and receive your project with help setting it up.

Previous Work

A showcase of some of my previous work.

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Bring your ideas to life with our expert team of developers. From startups to revamps, we handle the technical aspects so you can focus on what you do best.

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Boost your online presence effortlessly with our user-friendly web hosting service. Enjoy a fast and secure platform that simplifies your online experience.


What my client's have to say about me.

Sen 2Sen

IO is a kind, outstanding and quick developer, I seriously have never worked with a better web developer, everyone else is overly lazy and slow.

angel angelillija

I have worked with io for over 2 years now and always exceeds my expectations with the websites he creates.

Era era5m

Since I've met IO I've upgraded my website game to a different level, he's made me over 15+ Websites and has gave me budget friendly prices.

Orsid orsid

IO is an absolute wizard when it comes to creating websites! I was blown away by the amazing website he built for me. Not only did he nail the design of the sites, but he also made it super user-friendly and functional. Definitely will continue to work with him. 10/10 service for sure.

Tech gemeen

IO is a talented developer I have worked with for quite a while now, he has helped and created websites for me. Haven't had any issues while using him for any of my website related projects. Responds fast isn't lazy and completes the project pretty fast.

Robo roboo11_

I'm Robert and I strongly recommend IO. IO creates amazing multifunctional websites with excellent customer service. He's knowledgeable, changes things quickly, and responds fast to questions. 100% recommended.

Xid xid#3900

IO is an open-minded person which has helped me with many things in the past, I've known him since he first started programming a couple of years ago and now I'm surprised by how much he's learnt, very talented

Ibzyy ibzyy.

IO is a well talented person. I've known him for around about 6-7 months and I can definitely say he is an incredibly smart and good programmer. If you need something done it will get done.

Alex al3xlol.dev

Very professional with all his work, expectations of all orders over exceed in professionalism. The adequate skill set can not be achieved by many. I couldn't recommend io anymore from the competition.

Socket Socket#0002

IO's web development skills are outstanding and exceeded expectations on our projects. Communication was great throughout the process, and I highly recommend their services for any web development needs. 10/10 service.

Fbi federalcat

I've known IO for years now and his capability of web development is crazy and the progress he has made is absolutely insane. He created my own website for me and I loved it. Overall, good webdev and respectable person/friend.

Cheet cheety.

I myself haven't personally bought from IO although I've seen him develop and improve his skills greatly, resulting in an amazing web developer and entrepreneur.

The Detailist equi.ty

Huge vouch for io here. I've worked with him for over 2+ years and if i must say he really knows his shit, always delivers fast asf, creates 1:1 websites, you can barely tell the difference between what you sent him as the design and what he designed. He's really talented would 100% recommend. 12/10 service

Perza perza.dev

I've had the luxury to work with io on projects, he’s truly a developer that cares for his craft and clients, you won’t be disappointed.

ltc invasivefeds

IO makes building your ideas easy and quick with his amazing prices and great work ethic / customer support. Recceived my product in two days and he even threw in some goodies for hosting as well on his revolutionary website hosting service, plexi.host. Most talented full stack developer i've worked with, big ups to him and his services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions, answered.

What payment methods do you accept?

I mainly accept crypto but I can accept paypal (f&f) too. If you'd like to pay with another method, Just tell me it and I'll tell you if I can accept it.

What if you cannot complete my project?

You'll be refunded.

How long does it typically take for you to complete a project?

It fully depends on what you're requesting but most commonly it takes around a few days.